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About this project

St Paul’s Church Hammersmith

Large Victorian Church constructed on the site of earlier churches with interesting ecclesiastical traditions. 

The project included creating staff offices, public WC's, kitchen for servicing functions to enable the building to be used for multi-purpose functions. 

Subsequently, the Church underwent considerable restoration, including treatment of extensive dry rot, replacement of gutters, stone restoration, stone cleaning and double glazing throughout.

West London Synagogue

This, well-established synagogue was in need of upgrading, both within the synagogue space itself and in the multi-functions spaces around that served it. 

A grant was received from English Heritage and the money was used to redecorate, re-instate earlier features where appropriate, extensively clean and provide new carpet (where previously carpeted) throughout. 

Forest School, Chapel

As part of Anne Machin’s role as “school architect”, this intimate chapel was redecorated, its stained glass windows cleaned and colourful touches added where appropriate.