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Lou Pichot


About the Project

In the existing Mazet, the roofs were redesigned to a mono pitch to increase their height and to integrate clerestory north light. Windows on the south facade were repositioned to create a rhythm, whilst the rooms are all linked by sliding doors enabling a total east -west vista to the ogee windows located at each end.

In the extension, the natural finish of the thick pissee walls is exposed throughout. Externally it is wire brushed to expose the aggregate, whilst internally it remains polished following removal of the shutters.

The interior of the building has been worked to link the two elements, incorporating many varied and historic artefacts to create a unified whole.

The garden has been designed to complement the building, with ancient olives and a carpet of verbena embellishing the north facade and retention and extension of the existing domestic scale garden enhancing the south.

The swimming pool is integrated into a raised decking arrangement, which houses the pool cover, provides a sun deck and affords views not only to the adjacent Alpilles, but also the Luberon and Mont Ventoux mountains.

Another feature of the house is the outdoor Indian pavilion, which provides shade in the daytime and a place for dining in the evenings.

Renovation and part reconstruction of an existing Provençal ' Mazet' to create a family home, coupled with a contemporary extension.

In the existing portion, the daylighting and proportions were enhanced, whilst the extension was constructed in 'pissee', a local technique of massive walls constructed in earth.