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Service Offices


About the Project

Generally, the centres would have a main reception area for greeting clients and an associated seating area. There would also be a suite of common meeting rooms and 'break out' facilities at each level.

It was these communal areas and the circulation space that required distinctive design. They employed the use of colour and bold artwork to achieve this.

Some centres utilised a themed approach, judged to be appropriate to the previous use of the building or locality.

In all centres locally taken photographic images were employed, ensuring that while there was a common standard of quality, each building was individual.

The actual offices themselves were consistent in approach, with universally employed furniture, comprising operator and visitor chairs, well-engineered desks and adequate storage units.

Business Exchange was a 'brand' of Serviced Offices which was created, developed and executed by AMA  Architects for MWB.

It comprised the fit out of some 50 buildings in the UK and a further 15 in Europe. In total, 15000 work stations were provided.